2 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package

2 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package from Cairo international airport is the optimal and comprehensive tour when it Comes to Cairo and Alexandria

in these two immortal cities, you will find out the greatest examples of historical monuments that belongs to the oldest civilization in the history and also you will enjoy the bride of Mediterranean and the natural beauty there!

Imagine that you will get the Opportunity to Explore Giza Pyramids Complex, The Great Sphinx, the valley temple and Mysterious Memphis city in addition to Pompey’s Pillar, Roman theatre and Qaitbay Citadel Just in Two Days.

This wonderful two days will be carved into your memory due two the best service you will ever get throughout Your Private Egyptologist guide and Private Air-Conditioned vehicle during your trip.

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2 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package Details


2 Days

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Private Tour


Every Day


EgyptaTours Delegated Representative will be in Cairo Airport waiting you to take care of Entry Procedures, Passport formalities and Luggage identification then you will join to your Tour Guide to start your first day in your 2 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package By exploring:

Giza Pyramids Complex:

Giza Pyramids Complex Located on the west Bank of the Nile River where the ancient chose for many reasons such as that they needed the site of the pyramids on a high ground to protect their building from Nile Flooding and the second reason that this site is where the sun Set and that was needed to the entrance of dead to the underworld regarding to their beliefs.

The Great Pyramid:

Pyramid of Cheops, one of the ancient world seven wonders and it was constructed during 2650BC with 481 feet in height which makes this pyramid is the tallest Egyptian pyramid and also it was classified as the tallest structure in the world for more than 3,500 years.

Ancient Egyptians used more than 2 million of large blocks weighting about 6 million tons which reflects the power and the genius of the ancient Egyptians and also it reflects how the economy and the politics was stable at this dynasty of ancient Egypt-old kingdom.

Sakkara Step Pyramid:

The Pyramid of Djoser was built during the third dynasty of Egyptian kingdom and from the name of the pyramid we find out that it was built for king Djoser Burial, Djoser was the first king of the third dynasty and he was known for his amazing tomb.

The Great Sphinx:

The great sphinx also known as the loyal guard of the Giza Pyramids Complex; this limestone statue is considered the old monumental sculpture in Egypt which dates back to King Khafre (2558 to 2532 BC)

 The Valley Temple of Chephren:

The valley temple is part of Giza Pyramids Complex and it is one of the most preserved temples of the old Kingdom, this amazing temple was covered by the sand till the nineteenth century. The valley dates back to the fourth dynasty of Egyptian old kingdom and it was constructed by King Chephren with very special design and organized way.

Mysterious Memphis City:

Memphis City located very near to the Mit Rahina Town south of Giza City, the First capital of Egypt and it was founded by king Menes. During the golden age of Egypt Memphis was the main center of commerce, Religion and trade.

Your Lunch meal will be provided in the middle of your tour, and at the end of your day we will drive you back to your 5* hotel for the overnight.



Breakfast at hotel, then you will be transferred with your private Egyptologist guide with private A/C Vehicle to Alexandria where you will enjoy your second day in your 2 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour by visiting:

Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa:

Catacombs was designed to be a tomb for one family but for mysterious reasons it had to be bigger consisting of three levels made of solid rocks and you may ask now what the word of Kom El Shoqafa does mean? Actually, this name came from the huge quantity of broken pottery that was founded in the area.

Qaitbay Citadel:

The Qaitbay citadel is located on the coast of the bride of the Mediterranean at the same site of the magical light house by Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qaitbay to serve as a strong fortress to protect Alexandria against the Ottoman Empire.

Pompey’s Pillar:

Pompey’s pillar is considered one of the largest columns that built outside of Rome, the pillar stands at 28 M in height weighting about 285 tones. the pillar was built from red granite at the hilltop of rocky area in the middle of Alexandria.

Alexandria Library:

The gorgeous Alexandria library was built by Ptolemy I Soter to be a house of more than 700,000 books, there are more than 6 specialized categories inside the library of Alexandria such as the children’s library, the rare books, the maps library and many more.

Your lunch meal will be provided during your tour. Finally, we will drive you back to Cairo international airport to take your flight to your home or your next destination as end to your 2 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package.

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