6 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package

With our 6 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package, you will enjoy between the sands when it relates to Cairo and Alexandria. In these fascinating two cities where you will relish the beautiful nature, the innovation of humanity, culture and architecture in addition to the true meaning of civilization.

In your 6 days Cairo and Alexandria tour, you will scout the incomparable constructions and monuments that date back to thousand years ago which are filled with different styles of building and decorations.

Live the adventure of your dreams and explore the Great three pyramids, the great sphinx, the valley temple and mysterious Memphis city in Cairo besides Pompey’s Pillar, Catacomb of Qaitbay Citadel and Roman theatre in the bride of Mediterranean

6 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package Details


6 Days / 5 Nights

Tour Type

Private Tour


Every Day



The beginning of your distinct 6 days Cairo and Alexandria Tour will be at Cairo international Airport, when you arrive our delegated employee will be waiting to assist you in in completing entry procedures, passport formalities and luggage identification and carry. After that you will be transferred by A/C Vehicle to your hotel for checking-in while your tour guide will tell all the details you need to know about your tour such as Pick up and drop off times of each tour you will have.

In the evening, we will come to pick you up from your hotel to transfer you to enjoy your dinner meal with Nile River View on Nile Dinner Cruise with belly dance show and traditional Tannura show, then we will drive you back to your hotel for the overnight



In the second day of your unique 6 days Cairo and Alexandria Tour, you will have your tasty breakfast at hotel, before joining to your private Egyptologist tour guide to the first historical area you will explore:

Giza Pyramids Complex:

The immortal area and the iconic value of ancient Egypt civilization which contains three main pyramids that date to the fourth dynasty of the old kingdom in ancient Egypt more than about 4000 years ago.

The Great Pyramid:

The great pyramid or Khufu Pyramid is one of the biggest and oldest constructions in the world standing at 146.6 meters in tall from around 2 million of large blocks weighting 6 million tons.

The great pyramid was categorized as the tallest man-made-structure fore more than 3,800 years and it is one of the seven wonders of ancient world.

The Great Sphinx:

the great sphinx is one of the oldest monuments and sculptures in ancient Egypt, the loyal guard of the Giza pyramids complex was constructed by King Khafre and it is believed that the sphinx that the building process of the great sphinx took more than 3 years by more than 100 workers.

Saqqara Step Pyramid:

Saqqara step pyramid or as it is known the pyramid of Djoser is located on the north west of Memphis city and it’s constructed by Amenhotep the adviser of King Djoser and the high Priest of God Amun-re.

The pyramid was built in the third dynasty of ancient Egypt in the purpose of King Djoser Burial.

Memphis City:

The first official capital of Egypt which was founded by King Menes located south of the Nile River and dates back to Greco and roman Period, all of the great monuments and historical sites were built In the time while Memphis city was the capital of Egypt so that it is considered the settlement and the centre of power of old kingdom of ancient Egypt.

Your lunch will be served at very reputable restaurant during the tour and at the end of your day; we will drive you back to your hotel for the overnight



In day three, you will continue your 6 day tour and Alexandria tour vacation by visiting Islamic attractions of Cairo and the Egyptian museum and we will start by:

Salah Eldin Citadel:

One of the greatest Islamic landmarks in Cairo, the citadel was built in 1176 AD and the construction wasn’t completed till 1182 AD during the reign of Malek El-kamel who came as a king after Salah-Eldin.

The citadel served as a fortress and a protector of Egypt for a long time, so it is considered as one of the completed military structures in addition to its water well which was dug by the order of King Salah El-Din.

Mohamed Ali Mosque:

Mohamed Ali Mosque or as it’s known as the alabaster mosque which was built between 1830 and 1848 AD with distinct and unique style, it is called as the alabaster mosque because of excessive usage of marble and alabaster.

After that, you will enjoy your lunch with your tour guide in very good restaurant at Cairo city then we will continue your tour by visiting:

Sultan Hassan Mosque:

Madrasa mosque of sultan Hassan located in Salah El-Din square and it was built during the Mamluk period between 1356 and 1363 AD.

The mosque of sultan Hassan is one of the most distinguish Islamic landmarks in Cairo because of its unique design covering about 7906 meters with height of 36M.

Mosque of Ibn Tulun:

It is one of the oldest mosques in Egypt; mosque of Ibn Tulun was categorized as one of the largest three mosques in the world during the period from 868 to 883 AD. The mosque was built by ancient architecture style, it was made from carve stucco and wood which makes its design unique and brilliant.

Al Rifai Mosque:

The mosque of al Rifai located in the square of al Qala’a next to Salah El-Din Citadel and in front of Sultan Hassan mosque and it took several years to finish the building process from 1868 to 1912 covered by 6,500 sq. m.

At the end of your Islamic day tour, we will drive you back to your hotel for the overnight


In the fourth day of your 6 days Cairo and Alexandria package, first you will have your breakfast at your hotel then you will join to your private Egyptologist tour guide to transfer you by Private A/C vehicle to Alexandria city to start your adventure by visiting:

The Quitbay citadel:

Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf Al-Din Quitbay built the citadel as defensive fortress in the heart of the bride of Mediterranean “Alexandria City” and he started building it from 1477 AD but it was completed in 1479AD. Sultan Al-Ashraf took the same sight to one of the seven wonders of ancient world “Alexandria Light house” to build hiss citadel.

Pompey’s Pillar:

The largest memorial column in Egypt which is made from red granite standing at 30 m in height and located in the top of rocky hill in the heart of Alexandria city.

This amazing pillar was built during the reigns of Ptolemy II and Ptolemy III and it was destroyed many times and it was rebuilt by Hadrian.

Alexandria Library:

The legendary beblotica of Alexandria is considered one of the greatest and largest libraries in ancient world and it was dedicated to the nine goddesses of arts.

The Alexandria library was a part of larger research foundation called Mouseion and it was like a centre of information and knowledge for many philosophers and thinkers.

At the end of your Alexandria tour, we will drive you back to your hotel in Cairo for the overnight



In the morning of the fifth day in your 6 days Cairo and Alexandria holiday, you will have your tasty breakfast at hotel, and then you will join to your Private Egyptologist tour guide to visit:

The Egyptian Museum:

One of the largest and greatest museums in the world which contains a lot of amazing artifacts and treasures that date back to more than 4,000 years from different ages and dynasties of Egyptian history.

More than 100,000 masterpieces of treasures that reflect the true meaning of ancient Egyptian civilization because these artifacts belongs to the most famous Egyptian Pharaohs such as King Tut ankh amen and King Amenhotep and other many great kings from various dynasties and ages.

The Hanging Church:

On the south side of roman fortress “Babylon” that’s exactly where the hanging church was built, the hanging church is categorized as the oldest church in Egypt also it’s known as the church of steps regarding to the many steps you have to take to get the main gate of the church, The church dates back to the fifth century AD.

After that we will go to explore:

Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque:

Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-Aas was built in Fustat city, which was founded by Muslims in Egypt after Islamic conquest, the mosque was built in 641 AD and it is the largest mosque ever built in the Islamic history, the mosque measures about 120M in Length and 112M in Width.

The National Egyptian Museum:

The national Egyptian museum is the first museum built only to focus on ancient Egyptian history and civilization, the museum contains artifacts and treasures that date back to more than 4500 years that reflect the ancient Egyptian culture from Egyptian Period to Greco ,Roman, Islamic and Coptic Periods.

Khan EL Khalili Bazaar:

Your last step in your 6 days Cairo and Alexandria tour Package will be at Khan El-Khalili Bazaar To go for shopping and take souvenirs from the largest and the oldest Open-air market in Egypt, this is full of amazing things to buy such as Papyrus, Perfumes, Cotton, Carpet and other many things.

Your Lunch will be provided at very good restaurant during the tour, at the end of your day we will drive you back by private A/C vehicle to your hotel for the overnight



Enjoy your last breakfast in Egypt at your hotel, and then we will drive you to Cairo international airport to take your flight to your home with your memories and tales about 6 Days Cairo and Alexandria Tour Package.

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