Day Tour to Valley of Queens, Habu and Ramesseum-Luxor Short Breaks

Day tour to Luxor west Bank including tour to valley of queens, Habu and Ramesseum will be unforgettable short break discovering a beautiful city such as Luxor City as you will find everything you dream in your Trip!

Historical Monuments that captivate hearts and eyes which will makes you touch the history and taste the civilization through the most famous monuments in west bank of  Luxor City such as Valley of Queens and Ramesseum temple . Book now and enjoy amazing feeling through really rare places to visit

Amazing Day Tour to Valley of Queens, Habu and Ramesseum


1 Day - 8 hours

Tour Type

Private Tour


Every Day



You will meet your tour guide in the morning to go to the west bank of Luxor City starting your Priceless tour by exploring:

Valley of the Queens:

The valley of queens located in the west bank of Luxor near to the valley of kings, there is another name to this valley it’s known as Ta-Set-Nefru which means the place of beauty.

Most of the wives of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and kings were buried in valley of queens but the Kings themselves buried in the valley of the kings; it is similar to the valley of kings in the purpose of construction so that it contains more than 90 tombs dates back to the eighteenth dynasty, then continue to explore

Habu Temple:

Ramses III constructed his unique temple on the site of Madinat Habu which was known as Djanet.

As it was believed in ancient Egypt Madinat Habu or Djanet was the first place where God Amun first appeared. The temple was constructed in really strong design, it was surrounded by massive walls and an extraordinary gate way at the eastern entrance of the temple.

Regarding to it’s strong walls and fortifications, it was the sanctuary during the civil war between the priest of Amun at Karnak and the viceroy of Kush also walls of this temple reflects religious scenes and the battles between Ramses III against the Libyans and the sea Peoples, then continue to witness:

Deir El Medina:

Deir El medina is workers village, actually it was the settlement for ancient Egyptian workers who worked in valley of king’s tombs between the 18th and 20th Dynasties of the Egyptian new Kingdom.

In 1840, one of the most important Papyri was discovery near to the village, there is no Papyri like this, it is one of the most well documented of community life in ancient Egypt, then you will go to explore:

Ramesseum Temple:

The Mortuary temple of Ramses II or as he is known the great Ramses also located at the west bank of Luxor city, the walls of the temple are designed and decorated with reliefs of ancient Egypt including battle of Kadesh, the Syrians Wars and the Min Festival, this temple was built for two purposes, firstly for ancient Egyptians religious rituals and it also, built to show the greatness and the victories of the kings.] and perhaps more than that.

Meals: Lunch

At the end of your Day Tour to Valley of Queens, Habu and Ramesseum we will transfer you back to your hotel or to your Nile River Cruise in Luxor

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