Day Trip to Dandra and Abydos from Luxor – Luxor Short Break

A Day trip to Dandra and Abydos is considered your reference to one of the most precious temples in Egypt that reveals secrets, mysterious stories and facts about ancient Egyptians Religion.

EgyptaTours Provide a day trip to Dandra and Abydos with private Air-conditioned vehicle and Private Egyptologist tour guide to provide the highest level of service to all our dear travelers. Identify, discover and explore the glory and the greatness of ancient Egyptians and book this magical tour now!

Day Trip to Dandra and Abydos from Luxor Details


1 Day - 8 hours

Tour Type

Private Tour


Every Day

Representative of EgyptaTours will pick you from your hotel or Nile cruise to start your amazing tour by visiting:

Dandra Temple:

Dandra Temple complex was constructed over 40,000 meters by King Pepi I and there is more than evidence of existence temples from the eighteenth dynasty 1500 BC.

The complex not only contains Hathor temple but there are more than one temple such as:

The temple of Isis Birth

The Roman Kiosk

Christian Basilica

Continue to explore:

Abydos Temple:

The great temple of Abydos or as it is known as the temple of Seti I, one of the most important and valuable archeological sites in upper Egypt, this temple reflects the 19th dynasty and most of Egyptian kings and pharaohs from king Menes to Ramses I and Seti I.

The temple is in very good condition till now! The paintings and decorations of walls still shiny and glitter till the moment.

At the end of your Day trip to Dandra and Abydos we will transfer you back to your hotel or Nile Cruise.

Meals: Lunch

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