Egypt 6 Days Honey Moon Package

If you want to make your Honeymoon More Magical. than Usual then our Egypt 6 Days Honeymoon Packages is Your Optimal Opportunity to explore all the historical monuments and architecture in the ancient Egypt. which dates back to  more than 5000 Year Referring to amazing Stories. and a True Proof Of Geniality of the Ancient Egyptian in all of Each inch in Egypt including Wonderful Cities Like Cairo , Luxor and Aswan , in Cairo you will Explore one of the immortal Monuments over the World The amazing Giza Pyramids Complex. and it’s Loyal Guard The Great Sphinx and Regarding To Luxor You will Head to Luxor To witness the Karnak Temple , Valley of The Kings. and  Queen Hatshepsut after that you Will Discover the Real story of Abu Simbel Temple Construction which will you know about the Love Story between Ramses II and Queen Nefrtary . With this Magical Package You Will know the secrets of immortal love and Beauty.

Amazing Egypt 6 Days Honey Moon Package


6 Days / 5 Nights

Tour Type

Private Tour


Every Day



The Moment of happiness starts upon your arrival to Cairo international Airport. Egyptatours Representative Will Meet you to facilitate Your Entry Procedures and Luggage identification , From The Airport Directly to your 5* Hotel By Air-Conditioned vehicle. Check – in and take a break. 

In the Evening, you will begin you honeymoon tour by magical dinner with you lover on the Nile River Cruise. enjoying Belly Dance Show and amazing tannoura. Show after the Show , we will transfer you back to your hotel for the overnight.



Good Morning from Egypt, after break Fast you will join to you Guide to start your unique honeymoon Tour by Visiting.

Giza Pyramids Complex   

One of the oldest and of the seven wonders over the world. the Complex consists of three main Pyramids for the Kings Khufu, Khafre and Mynkerius and Six Step Pyramid with their Guard the Great sphinx. and the gate of the afterlife the Valley Temple.

The Great Pyramid:

The Great Pyramid of Khufu, it’s the last Monuments Left from the Seven Wonders, the Construction of the pyramids dates back to 2560 BC and Built as a tomb for the fourth Dynasty Pharaoh Khufu taking 20 years to complete its Construction, it was built by professional workers from all over Egypt .the Pyramid Kept its height as 148 M for more than 3800 Year The Mass of the Pyramids Estimated by 5.9 Million Tons consisting of 2 Million of Block Stones. 

The Great Sphinx:

The Great sphinx is a statue of mythical Creature with Lions Body and a human head with 73.5 M in Height and 19.3 M in Width, its Believed that this statue was built in the dynasty of King Khafre, its considered one of the oldest and biggest statues over the world but the story of building it and who built it and for which Purpose still secret till now.

Saqqara Step Pyramid:

It’s one of Egypt’s Most Unique Monuments; it represents a truly significant turning Point in ancient Egypt history, Revolutionizing stone architecture and royal Burials, in addition to the beauty in its monumental scale, it’s not only the first pyramids that the ancient Egyptians ever built, but also it’s known as the oldest Egyptian structure in ancient Egypt.

The Valley Temple:

It’s the place that was built especially for Mummification Process took Place, the valley was built between (2868 and 2134 BC), and it was built from Limestone and granite, it’s truly one of the best information source to the mummification process and ancient and ancient Egypt Civilization and culture.

Memphis City:

The Pharonic style in Memphis City will be very Romantic to you and your Lover, imagine that you walk through the first capital of ancient Egypt which was founded by King Menes, it was known as the land of Beauty, art, trade.

At the end of the Day we will drive you back to your hotel for the overnight.



Enjoy your Breakfast in the Morning and join to your tour guide to continue your amazing tour. in this day you really will be surprised by visiting:

The Egyptian Museum:

The Egyptian Museum is considered the home secrets and wonders of the magical ancient Egypt, it’s one of the largest over the world that contains immortal artifacts and monuments, More than 100,000 Pieces dates back to more than 4000 Year from all over dynasties have been through the history of Egypt.

Salah Eldin Citadel: 

Cairo Citadel was the Protector to the city for ages, so that the style of the citadel is different today than its construction because it has been expanded by many different rulers. and it has many different mosques like Mohamed Ali Mosque, alnaser Muhammad Mosque and mosque of soliman Pasha. also it contains museums and palaces.

Mohamed Ali Mosque:

Mohamed Ali Mosque, it was constructed entirely from the marble and so that it’s also known as the alabaster mosque, built on the site old Mamluk in Cairo’s Citadel. in the Period Between 1830 and 1848 and its construction wasn’t completed till the reign of Saied Pasha in 1857, the move to visit

Khan Khalili Bazaar

The Golden Road in Egypt and the oldest market which dates back 970AD, the street is full of Islamic architecture and designs that captivate the eyes and also contains a lot of shops Like Papyrus, cotton, carpet and perfume.

At the end of the day we will drive you back to your hotel for the overnight.



Breakfast at hotel and check out to join our representative to transfer you to Cairo international airport. to take a flight to Luxor city, once you arrive Luxor airport your tour guide will be waiting you to continue your romantic tour. by visiting Luxor historical monuments such as:

Karnak Temple:

The main place and the most selected one for the worship during the 18th dynasty of Egypt with Amun-Re as its head. the temple construction was started during the reign of seusert I between (1971 and 1926 BC) and went by Ptolemaic Kingdom. Then move to visit:

Valley of the Kings:

Valley of the gate of the kings is really out of the comparison. the valley is located in the west bank of the Nile. it contains more than 63 tombs for the ancient Egypt kings. and full of different and unique artifacts and decorations for pharaohs like Ramses I, II, III, IV and queen Hatshepsut and the immortal symbol of kingship and leadership king Tut-ankh Amun. 

Queen Hatshepsut:

The icon of the ancient Egypt beauty, the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut was built during the 18th dynasty with iconic and unique of ancient architecture style, the temple consists of three terraces rise above the desert floor and cliffed into Dier Bahrai and the tomb of queen Hatshepsut lies in the temple then move to take your romantic lunch with you lover on island through a boat in the Nile then move to visit:

Colossi of Memnon:

The colossi of Memnon consist of two huge statues belongs to the Amenhotep III, the two statues stands since 1350 BC, the temple was shaped the king like his hands on his knees and his look towards the east and there are two figures carved into the leg of the statues refers to his wife Tiye and the other to his mother mutemwiya. at the end of the day we will transfer you to your 5* hotel in Luxor for the overnight.



Day Five in your honeymoon package in Egypt. enjoy your breakfast and join to our representative to drive you to the train station to take your ticket train to Aswan. to join your guide there to explore the land of gold by visiting:

Aswan High Dam:

The High dam was built between 1960 and 1970 across the Nile River in Aswan, actually it represents the modern style of the entire city in Aswan. the construction of the dam has been done by more than 20000 engineers and workers with some help of soviet with hydro project institute to make control over the Nile river flooding. to generate hydroelectricity.

Unfinished Obelisk:

Queen Hatshepsut it’s really a unique monument should be visited. the obelisk construction ordered by

In the period between (1508 – 1458 BC), it’s considered one of the three largest ancient Egyptian obelisk ever erected. if the obelisk have been finished it would measure like 41.7 M with 1200 tones.

Philae Temple:

The temple of goddess of love and beauty Isis, the walls of the temple tells you the story of the killing the husband of goddess Isis (Osiris). by her devil brother set, set Killed King Osiris and cut his body for 42 Pieces and distributed it to all the regions of Egypt. After that Osiris became the ruler of the dead kingdom and set is defeated by Isis and Horus (Osiris son) in battle at Edfu Temple.

We will transfer you to your 5* hotel in Aswan for the overnight.



Breakfast at hotel and check out to join our representative to take your flight. to Cairo international airport for ending the tour. and fly to your country safely.

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