Nile Cruises

Best package to choose if you want to taste the Nile river water

Nile River Cruises 2022/2023

it’s the best way to taste the river nile water

Nile River Cruises are the Best Trial in the land of the wanders where our Nile cruises give you the opportunity for close look to all the monuments of ancient Egypt in Luxor and Aswan with limitless pleasure, relaxation, efficiency and effectiveness. Egypta tours is the one of the best tourism agencies in Egypt which will provide the best customization for Nile cruises packages with highly experienced tour operators. Book now and don’t worry at all as we have new booking and cancellation policies which are very flexible in case you need to reschedule your trip. Book now and travel whenever you want.

We offer a fine number of 5* Nile cruises ships which sails from Aswan to Luxor or vice versa across all the amazing historical monuments in Luxor and Aswan like kom Ombo Temple, Philae Temple, valley of kings, Karnak Temple, Queen Hatshepsut, the two temples of Abu simbel, the High Dam, unfinished obelisk and more and more of the historical heritage that ancient Egyptians left behind.

All of our Nile cruises packages is accompanied by an Egyptologist tour guide to know more about ancient Egypt and the tale of each historical monument you will visit.

4 Days 3 Nights Nile Cruise From Aswan to Luxor

04 Days / 03 Nights

From $650

MS / Chateau Lafayette Nile Cruise

04 Days / 03 Nights
05 Days / 04 Nights

From $700

May Fair Nile Cruise

04 Days / 03 Nights
05 Days/ 04 Nights

From $600

Dahabiya Nile River Cruises

Would you prefer luxury discovery of Upper Egypt over Nile River in small Egyptian Boat? Our Dahabiya Nile River Cruises here for you revealing the secret of charm, beauty, glory of Luxor and Aswan, Dahabiya Nile River cruise provides a unique sense of calm and peace.

4 Days Dahabiya Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor

04 Days / 03 Nights

From $500

5 days Luxor to Aswan Dahabiya Nile Cruise

05 Days/ 04 Nights

From $550

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