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Alexandria - The Bride of the Mediterranean

Egypt is proud of the presence of Alexandria-The bride of the Mediterranean, Warm streets, attractive and beaches. mosque with fine architecture elaborately built arts castles and popular places of origin and spirit all this in addition to the distinguished location globally.


the city of Alexandria which is the second capital of Egypt and its largest city .was called the bride of the Mediterranean because it is located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea about 55 km northwest of the Nile Delta. It is bordered on the north by the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariout.

Why does Alexandria have many Tourist attractions?

Alexandria has many distinctive tourist attractions. As it includes the largest Egyptian sea ports as well as the new Alexandria library. Which includes about 8 million books it also includes more than one museum, including the Biology Museum and the National Museum. 

 in addition to archaeological sites such as Quitbay Castle and Al-Sawary column? What made it even more beautiful is that it is divided into nine administrative districts, which are the first district of Al-Montazah, the second district, Al-Montazah, East District, Central District, West District, and Al-Jumrok.

How the Construction of Alexandria Looks Like?

the construction of the city of Alexandria has its own art, as Alexander the Great began work on construction in 332 BC, by filling in part of the water separating the island of Pharos and the village of Rakouda, as Alexander the Great and his successors took it as the capital of Egypt for nearly a thousand years until the Islamic conquest of Egypt by Amr ibn Al-Aas 641 One of the landmarks that helped make the city of Alexandria famous among the peoples of the world is the ancient Library of Alexandria and the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, due to its enormous height of about 120 meters. This lighthouse remained standing until its time, a strong earthquake in 1307 AD.


The garrison of Alexandria, which replaced one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a famous castle in Alexandria, one of the historical landmarks of Egypt, which has an important role in the history of Egypt, especially in the centuries that followed its construction and continued in the defensive role of the city until the nineteenth century when it was bombed by the English fleet invading Egypt.

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The History Of Quibay Citadel

It was then transformed from a defensive place to an archaeological place, where the government restored the towers, observation rooms and parts that were destroyed to become one of the most important Egyptian Islamic monuments that increase the importance of the city of Alexandria for its residents and visitors. 


It was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, where the lighthouse was built during the Ptolemaic era, but it was demolished due to the earthquakes it witnessed.


Al Mursi Abu El - Abbas Mosque

It is considered one of the most famous mosques in Alexandria, the mosque is located in the Bahary area Named by this name in relation to the tomb of Sheikh Shehab El-Din Ibn Ahmed El-Mursi.

The mosque has become one of the most famous mosques with distinctive artistic touches, as it is distinguished by its distinctive shape domes.


Pompey's Pillar

It is considered one of the most prominent tourist places in which the city of Alexandria is famous, and is considered the highest monument in the world. The column between the plateau of Kom Al-Shuqafa and its length is about 27 meters and is made of red granite stone.


Roman Theatre

Alexandria became more beautiful with the presence of the Roman theatre, and groups came to it from all over the earth to see what our great ancestors had reached. The tomb of Alexander the Great by the Polish mission in 1960.


mark's Cathedral in Alexandria

We must stand firm in front of the greatness of Coptic art and the genius of the ancient man in art and decoration, whether in temples, mosques, churches and others.


 The Holy See of Alexander, known as the Coptic Church, and the Coptic Church has a great place in the world history of the Church. where the Church of St. Mark became the seat of the Church Penguin for a thousand years. then the headquarters moved several times until it is now in the land of Anba Ruwais in Abbasiya.


Alexandria National Museum

There is no visit to Alexandria without visitors going to the National Museum in Alexandria. which is one of the most important museums in Alexandria. namely the Roman Museum and the National Museum. where they serve as the pillars upon which tourism is based. The Italian mansion remained there until 1945 AD. then sold it to the US Embassy. 

This palace remained the headquarters of the US Consulate until the Supreme Council of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture bought it in 1996 AD. then restored and renovated it and turned it into a museum. A statue representing the Egyptian writer and a group of pots were found in the pyramid of King Zoser.

Alexandria Location

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Internationally renowned for its iconic landmarks and historical sites, including the ancient city of Alexandria and its magnificent monuments. The city’s attractions include the famous Alexandria National Museum, Fort Qaitbey, Kom el-Dikka, Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa, Pompey’s Pillar and Montazah Gardens.

Alexandria today is located in Egypt. The city is a meditation port and a tourist destination and a major center for trade and commerce

In antiquity, Alexandria was one of the most important cities in the world. It was the home of one of the largest and most influential libraries in history, and it was also a major center of trade. Some historians believe that Alexandria was originally a Greek city, but others dispute this claim. Regardless of its origins, Alexandria is an impressive site today.

Jeans are a popular item to wear in many countries including Egypt.

A group of Roman soldiers led by General Julius Caesar deliberately destroyed the great city of Alexandria in 48 BCE. The Alexandrian library, one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of knowledge in the world at the time, was burned and looted, marking the end of an era for humanity.

Alexandria was originally called Apollonia. It was founded by the Egyptian pharaoh Amasis II in 306 BC as a small settlement on the eastern bank of the Nile opposite Thebes. In 305 BC, Hamilcar Barca, leader of the Carthaginian army during the Third Punic War, captured the city from Amasis and renamed it after his son Alexander. Alexandria became the principal Greek city in Egypt and one of the most important in Africa. Under Ptolemy I Soter (285-246 BC) Alexandria reached its greatest splendour.

Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC, and rapidly became one of the most powerful cities in the world. Over time, its wealth and power grew thanks to its strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea, as well as its trade links with other countries. Today, Alexandria remains a major tourist destination, with many of the city’s landmarks still standing. Its wealth has also allowed it to maintain a strong economy and become one of the most affluent cities in the world.

There are many possible explanations for why ancient Alexandria is underwater, but the primary cause appears to be climate change. Rising seas are slowly erasing coastal cities all over the world, and Alexandria may be next in line.

A group of archaeologists believe they have found the library of Alexandria, an ancient and much-desired scholarly center, buried deep beneath the sand in Egypt. The discovery was made while the group was investigating a building project in Alexandria’s old city. The building is believed to have been a warehouse for tax documents and other government records, and when construction crews began digging down to install utilities, they found layers of packed sand and brick that indicated there had been a structure there previously. After removing some of the debris, the archaeologists uncovered several walls that appeared to be from an ancient library.

The once-magnificent city of Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC and quickly grew to become one of the most important trade centers in the Mediterranean. The city was famed for its beautiful architecture, art, and literature, but after centuries of decline, it was virtually destroyed by a series of fires in antiquity. Today, only a few isolated ruins remain a testament to what once was one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Alexandria is an important Christian city because it was one of the first places that Christianity spread. It is also where Saint Mark the Evangelist preached the gospel to many people. The apostle Mark is said to have founded the church in Alexandria, and it soon became a center for Christian scholarship. Many famous theologians and writers came from Alexandria, including Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Athanasius.

The ancient city of Alexandria, renowned for its libraries and monuments, was destroyed by a fire in August of 2013. The loss of this cultural heritage is still being felt today, as the city lacks the resources to rebuild what was lost. What were some of the most important objects lost in the fire? Dozens of important pieces from the collection were destroyed. The most significant loss was the library, which contained tens of thousands of books, including some that only arrived in the building two years ago. They were not insured and were irreplaceable.

Yes, parts of the old city of Alexandria are underwater due to climate changes over the years.

Queen Nefertiti is one of ancient Egypt’s most beloved and celebrated royal women. her tomb was never found.

As per the historical records, Cleopatra had four children, and all of them died. She has no direct descendants.

Ancient Egypt is a land of mystery. Many of the great pyramids and tombs remain largely unexplored, and many questions still linger about this long-lost civilization. One of the most fascinating mysteries concerns the whereabouts of Cleopatra’s mummy. According to legend, Cleopatra was assassinated by her own brother and she was buried in a secret tomb on the island of Pharos. However, no trace of her remains has ever been found – leading many to believe that she was actually cremated and her ashes scattered across the Nile River. Part of the intrigue surrounding this topic is that there are many conflicting details about what happened to Cleopatra’s mummy. The most common theory is that she was burned and her ashes were scattered by the Nile River.

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