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Khan El Khalili Bazaar

It’s true!! What is wonderful to walk between Khan El Khalili Bazaar shops and his boutiques in this narrow. place that is overlaid with creativity and beauty adorns. the imitations exhibited in these bazaars. khan Al-Khalili is the box of the world, which displays magical aesthetics created by the Egyptian to attract millions of tourists to Egypt. The smell of incense, perfumes and drinks, The voices of his sellers of licorice and grapes. Chisel beats working in copper trays, Spirits from the time of Fat, I believe that anyone who has come to Egypt will not complete their journey without a visit by Khan Al-Khalili, full of counterfeit artifacts and pharaonic amulets. 

What is Unique about Khan El Khalili

The Khan’s lovers never stop visiting him every day from all over the world to shop and spend the most enjoyable time in this fascinating place. Khan Al-Khalili tells the story of a magical place that has become a museum for all the lovers of antiques and artefacts that have stunned the whole world, so let the Khan remain a tale of love that does not end.


History of Khan El-Khalili

 What is Khan al-Khalili? When he mentions his name, what comes to your mind? Khan El Khalili is one of the old Cairo neighborhoods full of popular customs that we still adhere to until now, and he enjoys a great tourist attraction from all over the world. No visitor comes to Egypt and his journey is completed successfully without the visit of Khan Al-Khalili, nor a tourist who came to him unless he came to him again. Egyptian art and taste were a magnet for every Arab and blind tourist. The tourist would find everything that came to his mind, such as bazaars, shops, popular restaurants, cafes, handcrafts, carpets and upholstery shops, which are world-class. In spiritual terms, you would feel moved to a place where you would settle down like you had the world’s panties. Kaman Khan Al-Khalili has been the source of inspiration for many Egyptian writers and writers, most notably the great writer Naguib Mahfouz, who wrote one of his novels set in the neighborhood, named Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.


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Story of Existence of Khan El Khalili

It was made into a film starring Imad Hamdi. The Khan bears the title Al-Khalili after his name was attributed to Sultan Jahirkis Al-Khalili, one of the Mamluk sultans of Al-Garaksia, who was founded in 1382 A.D., 620 years old, on the ruins of the tombs of the Fatimids in Egypt, known as the Saffron soil. This soil has duties and revenues that all the Fatimids care about visiting،When the Jahirkis wanted to build this khan, he threw his bones on the hills outside Cairo, apologetic that the Fatimids were unbelievers, not that they belonged to the Shiite faith. The goats of the Fatimids took with him the coffins of three of his ancestors and buried them in his tomb where he and his successors were also buried،The khan, a large square[1]shaped structure surrounded by an agency-like courtyard, was divided into a well-planned artwork, with the middle tier in a collection of shops and the upper tier in warehouses and residences،Khan al-Khalili stretches from the front of Al-Hussein Mosque facing Al-Azhar Mosque to Harrah al-Salih, which ends with branches of streets, roads and lanes, and the most famous of them is.


Al - Muizz Street

which contains 112 Islamic relics, so its buildings are mostly Fatimid،Although it has been 620 years since the establishment of Khan Al-Khalili, he still stands standing with his unique architectural character. He is the most amazing witness of Islamic architecture throughout the various periods of Fatimid, Iubian, Mamluk and Ottoman times. He is that Khan whose fame has reached the world. A tourist to Egypt is a visitor to him, Egyptian historian Ahmed bin Ali al-Maqrizi, known as Taqi al-Din al-Maqrizi, in the late 8th century Hijri, described it as not just a neighborhood with streets and tramways, but rather a large shopping mall, and resembled an open museum with its products, Once your feet touch the black basalt stone that has rejected the land of the Khan, and you see with your eyes the Islamic architecture of all kinds, you get a feeling that’s hard to describe, especially when you see the unique art products that have made it the most popular tourist spot in Egypt, The Khan al-Khalili Market is the most important commercial market, although there were 38 commercial markets established by the Mamluks, which were and are frequents of merchants from all over the world. When traders emerged in the Middle Ages, it became a trading center where goods were sent, In the 16th century, the largest and most famous market for slaves, described by the traveler as the most important market of slaves, was moved to another location by the Guru sultan and rebuilt by the Khan, consisting of two quartets and two marble gates with Islamic ornaments, one bearing his name.

Al fishway Café

One of the most important cafes in Cairo is the oldest. He added beautiful touches to the Khan Al-Khalili region. It is considered as a rest where tourists and Egyptians take some warm drinks. It was frequented by writers and artists like Naguib Mahfouz, the Egyptian writer and Nobel Prize winner.

Khan al-Khalili Bazzar site

 Khan al-Khalili is located on a street parallel to Al-Muizz Street for Allah al-Fatimi and contains two of Egypt’s most famous mosques: the Al-Azhar Mosque, which was built during the Fatimi period, and the Al-Hussein Mosque, which has a great place in the hearts of. Egyptians, who are linked by a strong storm to a family between the Prophet.

What does Khan al-Khalili’s market involve?

This market includes the largest number of imitations of artifacts with high precision, traditional crafts, and handicrafts such as carpets, swimming, pharaoh garments and crystal brushes. It is also characterized by the heel industry of silver, copper and gold; it is also filled with various gemstones, accessories, leather crafts, natural wood; incense and apagoras made of glass-liking and Arabian sheet wear; there is also another corner of the war accessories Cassio and brass helmets; and there is also a corner of leather for leather items.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar Opening Hours?

Khan El Khalili Bazaar Usually Opens From 8 :00 AM Till 11:00 PM Except Friday , Khan El Khalili Bazaar is off For Two hours From 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


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